4 Mistakes You Make in Your Website Monetization

4 Mistakes You Make in Your Website Monetization

After Receiving Some Complaints and also information from few users and bloggers, the Sammyloaded Media Team has decided to write about this issue and the possible solutions to it. Below you can find the 4 mistakes you make in your website monetization as a publisher.

While the efforts of some publishers pay off, the revenues of others don’t seem to rock, making them ask “why is my CPM low?”

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Here is good news: the majority of factors that slow down or even block your business growth can simply be defeated!

Putting aside the most common mistake of “too many ads on a single page”, pay attention to these mistakes:

? Your blogposts are sliced with multiple native ads

Yes, placing native banners on a single page is a good idea. But when you slice your blog posts or pages with multiple sets of native banners, you become too salesy.

Even native formats can become annoying in this case. In-article ads perform great when users meet them up to 3 times per post.

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? Not adapting the ad format to your website’s niche and content

When we refer to sensitive content, like long-form articles, tutorials, how-tos, it is better to use the least intrusive formats. Native banners and Popunders will be the most suitable unit here.

? Two or more ad networks’ scripts on your website

It’s best to focus on one advertising network at first. Two or more scripts from different ad networks may conflict, and this can affect your page speed.

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? You remove the ad network’s script too early

Ad networks can use AI algorithms of traffic-2-ads matching. These algorithms scan your website first to select advertising offers that match your website traffic best. Sometimes it takes up to 48 hours to calibrate CPMs and adapt offers to your traffic.

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