9mobile Night Plan: 500MB for ₦50 Midnight Browsing (2022)


Do you want to start browsing with these cheap 9mobile night browsing plans? Keep reading to find out the best 9mobile midnight browsing plans and codes. The “500MB for ₦50” midnight internet bundle is available for MoreCliq prepaid tariff customers only.

If you’re looking to stay awake at night but want to stay connected on your favourite websites, then this post is just meant for you. 9mobile is among the many networks that provide seamless midnight browsing. You can stay connected even without using or subscribing to any regular 9mobile data plans.

Aside from been exclusive to MoreCliq tariff users, there are special midnight plans for all customers, you can access them in this post as well. In this post, I will show you a list of all 9mobile midnight browsing bundles that will enable you to download and browse the internet like a boss.


List of All 9mobile Midnight Browsing Plans in Nigeria

Night Plan (MoreCliq Tariff Only)

Before we begin, you should take note that, new 9mobile Night Plan can only be used by MoreCliq prepaid tariff users – this simply means that, only subscribers on the MoreCliq network can enjoy cheap midnight browsing on 9mobile. Although, there is another night plan on the 9mobil network that doesn’t require a switch to the MoreCliq tariff plan, and I’m going to highlight it below.

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How to activate 9mobile (Etisalat) Browsing Night Plan on MoreCliq

  1. Migrate to Morecliq: Dial *244*1# to switch to MoreCliq
  2. Amount: Recharge the required airtime on your registered 9mobile line.
  3. Subscription code: Dial the night plan subscription code (see activation code below).

500MB for ₦50 MoreCliq Night Plan

  • Dial *282*22# | Valid for 24hrs. night only plan (12 am – 5 am)

Night Plan (All 9mobile Tariff)

If you’re currently not on the MoreCliq tariff plan, you don’t have to worry as this second package works for all 9mobile tariff customers. It comes in three distinct packages, i.e 1GB for ₦200, 3GB for ₦1000 and 7GB for ₦2000.

1GB for ₦200 Night Plan

  • Dial *229*3*11# | Valid for 24hrs. night only plan (11 pm – 5 am)

3GB for ₦1,000 Plan

  • Dial *229*3*12# | Valid for 30 days. Evening & weekend plan (7 pm – 6:59 am)

7GB for ₦2,000 Plan

  • Dial *229*3*13# | Valid for 30 days. Evening & weekend plan (7 pm – 6:59 am) | 100MB WhatsApp (24/7)

Here is a summary table containing all the top listed night data plans on 9mobile;

9mobile Night Data Plans





500MB (MoreCliq) ₦50 *282*22# 24 Hrs
1GB for ₦200 ₦200 *229*3*11# 24 Hrs
3GB for ₦1000 ₦1000 *229*3*12# 30 days
7GB for ₦2000 ₦2000 *229*3*13# 30 days

Take Note:

If after subscribing to any of the 9mobile night plans and you cannot connect to the internet, you can do the following;

  1. Restart your network by toggling on and off your Airplane Mode.
  2. Check your APN settings if they’re correct 
  3. Reboot phone.
  4. Check data balance.
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Any of the methods above will fix it. It’s important that you also know how to keep track of your data balance. So, I will be showing you how to check your midnight data bundle balance to know what you’ve used.

How to Check 9mobile Midnight Plan Data Balance

To check your remaining data balance on 9mobile Morecliq Night Browsing plan;

  • Dial *228# to see data balance 


Now that you have seen the various 9mobile night browsing plans, why not check out night data plans on other networks to see if you will get better offers.

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