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Life-time Mentorship: Make $5000 Monthly on Niche Blogging

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What is AdSense Arbitrage?

The meaning of AdSense arbitrage is pretty simple. If you’re not yet familiar with how to make money with Google AdSense, all you need to know is that Google will pay you to have their ads on your website and each time someone clicks on an ad you get a portion of the money that Google receives from the advertiser.

To be more precise you will receive 68% and Google will get 32%. So if an advertiser spends $1 per click, then you will receive $0.68 and Google will get the rest of $0.32.

So as you can see AdSense can be a serious way to make money online, but for that, you need to have a high-quality website and a lot of organic traffic.

But what if you don’t have any organic traffic from SEO? What if you’ve done a lot of SEO and you can’t see any improvements traffic-wise? That means you won’t be able to earn anything with your AdSense site (and pretty much any website that is monetized with whatever method).

So this is where arbitrage comes in and saves the day (for some people).

Basically with AdSense arbitrage, you just simply pay to get traffic to your website and have the people that are visiting your site, clicking on your AdSense ads in a natural way.

The whole idea of AdSense arbitrage is to buy the traffic at a much lower rate than what Google AdSense is paying you.

No doubt Blogging is a very lucrative job, an online job for that matter that you make money in dollars right from the comfort of your home.

This course usually goes for $7500, as we make it affordable, it would be available for $1500 for the shortest period, few days ago it was $2000

Blogging can be very challenging if you start on your own, but with the help of a mentor by your side, a successful mentor with multiple niche blogs, with typical results across these various blogs, success is very achievable. 

In this Life-time mentorship class, which would hold 247 on Whatsapp chat, you will be thought.

  • 2 Lucrative Blogging niches to choose from
  • How to get an Adsense Account
  • Getting a Domain + Adsense Account and setting it up
  • How to set up WordPress website
  • How to post cordially according to the niche (Just 5-20 posts is okay for life, we may help you make these posts)
  • How to drive Paid traffic to the blog (2 Methods)
  • How to Drive free Traffic to the blog (5 Methods)
  • How to store all paid traffic and re-use on demand
  • Cheapest Method to Increase your earnings with as low as $5 to Make Over $300 in one day.
  • How to Convert Social Media Traffic  to  Organic Traffic[Best for Running Ads to Avoid ban]
  • How to avoid Adsense account limit.
  • How to setup the blog to run on auto-pilot
  • ..and many kore

This is a life-time mentorship, my results are typical and am optimistic anyone who follows the guidelines and ready to scale can make $5000+ monthly without fear of Adsense Limit, Adsense Ban, Adsense Restricted, Payment deduction or Adsense being disabled. Find below some frequently asked questions and follow it.

How long will this class take?

This class is life-time, even after success, you will be entitled to many updates along the way, i will take you by hand till and after you achieve success.

Where will these classes hold?

This classes will hold online, everyday on Whatsapp private chat (not a group), i will guide, support and even help you setup where-necessary that you find issues.

How Much will i make in the first month?

If you are 100% new without an Adsense account or website, you will make money in the first month and get past the threshold by far but can’t cash out because Adsense pays via Net-30 (30days after you meet threshold)

Can anyone do this?  How much time do i need?

Making money is addictive, at first it may cost you a lot of time and labour, but as you get past that into the autopilot phase, the work is reduced, you can then begin to set up another blog and Adsense and can run as many as possible simultaneously. A newbie can do this as far as you have a laptop.

Will i ever pay you any extra money?

No, not to me, but for other services you may need to facilitate this, but you have no worries, i will introduce you to the simplest and cheapest marketing/traffic method. You may also need to acquire Adsense + Domain (we have someone who will provide you a long list of available ones and various prices to choose from)

This Course Now Goes For ₦250,000


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Below Are Few Earnings Screenshhot from My Current Students.

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