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Many services can now be performed on Internet-enabled devices thanks to the introduction of the internet. Bulk SMS in Nigeria is one of these services. Bulk SMS is the practice of sending personalized text messages to a large number of phone numbers at once. Bulk text messaging allows you to send messages at a lower cost.
There are numerous websites in Nigeria that provide bulk SMS services. The majority of them have comparable characteristics. Sending you a delivery report for every sent SMS, scheduled messaging, which allows you to specify a precise time for the message to be delivered, and the possibility to utilize unique sender names are just a few of the important features. The most significant difference between most SMS websites is their pricing. Many of them also allow you to set up your own reseller website, allowing you to sell SMS units at your own price. You can use your mastercard, VISA, or Verve card to fund your account on these websites. You can also fund using an ATM or a bank account, then sending the transaction details to the phone lines listed on their website.

In no particular order, here are the top 10 SMS websites you may use in Nigeria, along with their pricing as of April 2022.

Please keep in mind that the prices are subject to change.

BulkSMS Nigeria has created a name for themselves in the short time they’ve been there. is run by Impactcentric Techniks Limited, a group of young programmers. They say that they have the best bulksms integration solutions for any application.

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So, if you’re looking for a dependable supplier with a wide range of connectivity options, BulkSMS Nigeria is your best bet, as they offer an API that can be easily integrated into any application that requires bulk SMS. Geocoding and reverse geocoding are handled by this class. The process of converting an address or other description of a location into a (latitude, longitude) coordinate is known as geocoding. The technique of converting a (latitude, longitude) coordinate into a (partial) address is known as reverse geocoding. The amount of data included in a reverse geocoded location description can vary; for example, one may include the whole address of the nearest building, while another may merely include the city name and zip code. The Geocodeapi is a service that performs address geocoding and reverse geocoding. The Geocoder class necessitates the use of a backend service that is not included in the Android framework. If the platform has no backend service, the Geocoder query methods will return an empty list. To determine whether a Geocoder implementation exists, use the isPresent() method. The act of translating addresses (such as a street address) into geographic coordinates (such as latitude and longitude), which you may use to place markers on a map or position the map, is known as geocoding. The process of translating geographic coordinates into a human-readable address is known as reverse geocoding.

Padisoft is Nigeria’s largest bulk SMS supplier. They provide Nigeria’s cheapest and most dependable bulk SMS service. Bulk sms to MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat are available on Padisoft for as little as 90 kobo per unit with rapid delivery to MTN, Airtel, Glo, and Etisalat. They also distribute to phones in other countries. Mobile transfers, cash deposits, and online payments are all options.

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Padisoft also provides all of its customers with a free bulk sms reseller website. There is no expense to start an SMS business. In less than 55 seconds, your SMS reseller website will be up and running!

XWireless has been around for a long and features a user interface that is easy to comprehend for anyone.
They also provide solutions such as an Excel Plugin that allows users to send SMS from an excel sheet including messages and phone numbers, as well as a Number Extractor that extracts phone numbers from any text document.
The SMS charges range from N0.89 per SMS for volumes of 1 to 9,999 units to N0.73 per SMS for volumes of 10,000,000 units or less.

You can send SMS at a rate of 1 SMS per unit using SMS Live 247. If you buy over 999,999 units, the price per unit is as low as 1.35 naira per unit, and if you buy over 99 units, the price is as high as 1.95 kobo per unit.

Nigeria Bulk SMS is a significant bulk SMS service in Nigeria, with a big user base due to its high ranking for phrases connected to bulk SMS in Nigeria. Because of their extensive experience in the sector, the company is trusted by thousands of leading companies in Nigeria and internationally.

Sign up to take advantage of the revolutionary SMS features listed below, as well as others.

– Fast SMS delivery
– Very affordable SMS rates
– Delivery to Do Not Disturb(DND) numbers
– Dedicated and friendly customer support staff
– Flexible and innovative HTTP and SMPP API
– Perfect for One Time Password(OTP)
– Speedy delivery report
– High throughput rate
– Customized SMS(Text Merge)
– Customized sender ID
– SMS Scheduling
– Duplicate numbers remover
– Best DND management system
– Voice SMS(Robbo calls)

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There might be some other Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria but Sammyloaded Media Team after conducting research and reviews has put up the following Listed Bulk SMS In Nigeria as the best so far which is very fast, reliable and effective.

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