Business You Can Start And Make Profit Weekly

In time like this, most things are being done online. You can start a business online from anywhere in the world as long as you have your device.


Are you done with your secondary school? Are you an undergraduate? Are you a graduate?… or Maybe you’re not privileged to make it to Secondary level, as long as you’re a teen, this piece is for you.


In this post, we’ll be revealing the legitimate business a teenager can start and make profit weekly. Interesting… Right? Yeah!


What is this business?

This business is called “Whatsapp Marketing”. WhatsApp marketing is the act of using whatsapp to sell a piece of information or products or services. Over the years, WhatsApp has been among the app that fetches users money as long as the users use it for marketing.

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You might be wondering what you’ll have to do to become a Whatsapp marketer ? Hang on!


1. Build Your Contact List

The first step you need to take to be a WhatsApp marketer is to build your contact list. You do this by saving more contacts. The very simple way to build your list is to share your link to friends at school, family at home, existing contacts.


2. Post Contents On Your Status

After building your contact list to your satisfaction, you need to engage your contacts by posting on your status. You need to get useful contents that’ll engage your audience or contacts. You must be consistent. Make sure you avoid posting illegal content, pornography or content that is meaningless, it pisses the viewers.

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How Do You Make Profits ?

Now, you have gotten your audience and have also consistently post on your status to engage them. How do you make your profits?


1. Adverts Placement: Business owners, products sellers will contact you for advert placement on your status, you charge them depending on the amount of viewers (active contacts) you have.


2. Sell A Course: You can organise a paid course or class where you teach and get paid.


3. Affiliate marketing: You can join an affiliate marketing platform, select the product you would like to promote on your status, do that and get paid for every purchase.

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You should start whatsapp marketing because;


It only requires your smartphone and data connection


WhatsApp marketing is lucrative and fun. As a teenager you can start to make unlimited profits weekly and be independent.


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