Data conversion from iOS to newer Samsung phones now possible with WhatsApp.

Both WhatsApp and Samsung have made it easier to transfer chat history from an iOS device to a Samsung device. This must be done during the first setup of your Samsung phone, and you’ll need an Android 10 model and the appropriate cable to do it.

In a file blog post and on the help website, WhatsApp specifies migration conditions. A Samsung smartphone running Android 10 with the Samsung Smart Switch app pre-installed is required. At the very least, this software must be version

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The necessity that the migration take place during the first setup means that the Samsung smartphone must have had a system update to this version of the application, which was released in early August, so that it may be utilized in system image as well. It’s been processed, so it’ll show up on the first run or after factory settings. In summary, it can be stated that migration is currently only allowed on Samsung smartphones and newly introduced devices with recently updated operating systems.

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A USB-c to Lightning cable is required in addition to these specifications for a new Samsung phone. On iOS, version is required; on Android, version is required, and users must use the same phone number. It’s also being reported on WhatsApp. Peer-to-peer push notifications Call history on WhatsApp isn’t synchronized. According to Facebook’s subsidiary, “soon more Android devices” will be able to use the migration feature.

Migrations between these two systems had to rely on third-party solutions until recently. It is unclear when the transition from Android to iOS will take place.


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