Did TikTok Remove Repost: How To Get It Back?

A lot of social media fans have been asking like “Did TikTok remove repost?” and they apparently don’t know how to get it back. No worries we might have some solutions for you.

TikTok remove repost button?

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Tiktok has just recently discontinued the Tiktok repost function for some users, which they had only just implemented in the software. The feature was introduced to compete with Tiktok’s rival Instagram, which has had a reposting feature for a long time. Users awoke today to discover that the option isn’t working anymore, so we did an in-depth study on why this is happening and how you might get it reinstated.

A lot of users are asking
Did TikTok remove repost: How to get it back?

Why did TikTok remove the repost button?

Tiktok was having difficulties with user growth. As a result, the social media behemoth introduced the ability to repost stories as a solution. It was an excellent tool for keeping users interested, and it performed wonderfully for the firm. The function significantly enhanced user enjoyment.

In December 2021, Tiktok announced the Tiktok Repost Feature, which was made available for testing. After successful tests, the feature was incorporated into all cellphones.

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A lot of users are asking
Did TikTok remove repost: How to get it back?

How to get the repost feature on TikTok?

The Tiktok Repost Feature was initially available for a select group of users. Those fortunate individuals were thrilled to have the ability to do something that many others could not do with Tiktok Repost Feature. The feature was first implemented as a test. In May 2022, the application’s repost feature testing is completed.

After the testing is done, Tiktok Repost Feature is removed from all of the phones. It’s unclear whether or not the company will reintroduce the function to certain users. Also, there’s a major upgrade planned for Tiktok app; therefore it’s possible that the developers are adding it permanently to the program.

A lot of users are asking
Did TikTok remove repost: How to get it back?

How to get repost button on TikTok?

We discovered a little loophole to get your Tiktok Repost Feature back for a few more days even though Tiktok has yet to make any official announcement on when they will restore the Tiktok Repost Feature.

Get Tiktok repost feature back on Android

  1. Do not update your Tiktok application.
  2. If you have updated the TikTok app, hold your finger onto the app icon and head to “App Info.”
  3. Now choose “Storage and Data”
  4. Select “Clear Data” or “Clear Cache”
  5. Next, return to the previous screen and click on restore defaults.
  6. Login to TikTok.
A lot of users are asking
Did TikTok remove repost: How to get it back?

Get Tiktok repost feature back on iPhone

  1. Uninstall the TikTok app from your iPhone.
  2. Clear your iCloud data.
  3. Reinstall TikTok.
    Many users have found success with this technique, while others have been unable to get it back. Getting Tiktok Repost Feature back on certain Android and iOS devices is possible only as a result of this trick.
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Beware: All of your draft videos will be removed if you use this technique.

A lot of users are asking
Did TikTok remove repost: How to get it back?

How to use Tiktok repost feature?

  1. Head to the “For You” section and select a TikTok profile.
  2. Now tap on the “Share” icon.
  3. Tap on the “Repost” option.

A TikTok spokesperson told TechCrunch that:

“We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience. Currently, we’re experimenting with a new way for people to share TikTok videos they enjoy.”

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