Elon Musk New Social Media Platform Might Be A Reality


In the midst of Twitter controversy, Elon Musk new social media platform might be a cure to the Tesla CEO’s ambitions.

Elon Musk has now declared his intention to build a social media application. Elon Musk tweets that he wants to provide an alternative to Twitter because it is “failing to adhere to free speech principles.”

“Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy.”


Key point of the so-called Elon Musk new social media platform: Free speech

In addition, Tesla and SpaceX tweeted last week that “free speech is crucial to a functioning democracy,” asking users if Twitter “rigorously adheres to this principle.”

Elon Musk wants to create a social networking platform where people can express themselves freely. This is in keeping with Donald Trump’s vision for creating his own social media network, which was released for iOS users last month under the name “Social Truth.” It is not yet accessible on Android devices. After being banned from Twitter, Facebook, and various other social networks, Trump decided to build his own social media network.

Elon Musk new social media platform is not the real demand of the community though. People don’t want Musk to develop a new social platform, and instead they wish that he purchased Twitter. Several users responded to Elon Musk’s post by suggesting that he consider purchasing the microblogging site:

Elon Musk new social media platform is a “serious thought”

As Musk mentioned in his response to Pranay Pathole, creating a social media network is only a “serious thought” at the moment and that he might never launch his own social networking application, or he may. Nothing is certain, it looks like.

In the past, several prominent personalities, including Donald Trump, have criticised the algorithms of Twitter and other social media platforms. Trump is still banned from Twitter, despite being out of office.

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