Facebook Has New Audio Features: Soundbites, Facebook Podcasts & Live Audio Rooms


Facebook has introduced a new audio gadget called Soundbites. Soundbites are short-form audio tales and talk up to five minutes long.

To compete with rivals Clubhouse and Spotify, Facebook has introduced a new audio-based feature on its platform. Today, Facebook announced the launch of ‘Soundbites,’ short-form audio stories and discussions that last up to five minutes.

Facebook also revealed Facebook Podcasts & Live Audio Rooms.

What is Facebook Soundbites?

Soundbites, according to Facebook, are short quotations that allow users to record anecdotes, humor, inspiration, and poems. This functionality will be tested on a few creators, including Drew Lynch, Lolo Spencer, Tobe Nwigwe, Molly Burke, and Josh Sundquist, over the next few months, before being expanded to a larger audience.

Facebook has new audio features: Soundbites, Facebook Podcasts & Live Audio Rooms
Facebook has new audio features: Soundbites, Facebook Podcasts & Live Audio Rooms

How to create a soundbite on Facebook?

Step 1: To access your profile, open the Facebook app on your phone or tablet. Tap your profile photo in the bottom right corner to go to Menu.

Step 2: Tap on the Videos on the Watch bookmark.

Step 3: Tap Audio at the top of the page.

Step 4: Find the Soundbite, then Create.

Step 5: Allow the microphone to record a soundbite.

Step 6: To record a soundbite, tap the microphone icon. Begin speaking as you normally would and then press the pause button to cease recording. Touch the microphone symbol again if you’d like to include another audio clip. You may also add background noises using various sound effects.

Step 7: After editing your soundbite, go to the top right and select Next.

Step 8: Publish.

What is Facebook Podcasts?

In addition, the firm announced the launch of Facebook Podcasts. According to a blog post from the Head of the Facebook app Fidji Simo, users will be able to listen to podcasts straight from the Facebook app in the next few months — both while using it and when it is backgrounded. “And we’ll help you quickly discover new podcasts and episodes based on your interests, react to them, and recommend them to your friends because it’s still difficult to find podcasts you enjoy,” she added in a blog post.

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What is Live Audio Rooms?

Finally, the firm introduced a new live audio rooms feature in Facebook and Messenger. Live Audio Rooms will be made available to 1.8 billion users on Facebook’s platform each month, according to Facebook. The service is scheduled to become accessible to all Facebook app and Messenger users throughout the world by the summer.

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