How To Buy And Redeem A Google Play Gift Cards

The Google Play store has a wealth of material available to all customers, not just Android users. The Play Store has movies, TV series, books, and other media. A Google Play gift card is an excellent present for everyone. So, how do you get one and how do you utilize it? Follow through as we walk you through every bit of it.

What may Google Play gift cards be used for?

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When you redeem a Google Play gift card, the funds are immediately credited to your Google Play account. This balance is favourable for many of Google’s digital offerings. What you can buy with your Google Play balance is as follows:

  • Games, books, movies, and TV can all be found on Google Play.
  • Subscription to YouTube Premium
  • YouTube Music Plus
  • TV on YouTube
  • Stadia by Google.

When you sign up for paid subscriptions, you’ll be able to use an existing amount in your Google Play balance, which is what these gift cards fund when redeemed. This is a terrific way to give someone a YouTube Premium subscription as a present.

Where To Obtain A Google Play Gift Card

A Google Play gift card may be purchased in a variety of locations.

Google Play Store gift cards, like many other gift cards, may be obtained in a variety of convenient locations. They are also available in two varieties: physical and digital. If you wish to buy a tangible card to give to someone, you can do so at a local chain store. Because the Google Play Store is the go-to digital marketplace for many Android users, grocery shops frequently stock them in a separate section. A physical gift card is most likely to be found in the following locations: Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Walmart, Target, and Dollar General.

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Where to Buy a Google Play Gift Card

A digital Google Play gift card may be purchased from a variety of online stores. When you purchase a digital edition, you will be required to provide your email address. This email will be the recipient of the code that can be redeemed at the Google Play Store. You may purchase digital gift cards at the following locations: Amazon, Target,, and PayPal, as they are our recommended picks.

However, be wary of unscrupulous websites purporting to sell gift cards. When purchasing a Google Play gift card, only choose reputable vendors. The retail and online businesses indicated above are reputable marketplaces for obtaining Google Play gift cards.

How To Activate a Google Play Gift Card

It is fairly simple to use a gift card, whether it is real or digital. You may redeem its value in two ways: through Android or over the web.

Redeeming on the internet

You must have the code on hand to use your Google Play gift card.

  • Now scratch the grey strip on the back of a physical card to reveal the gift code. Once you have the code, follow these steps to redeem the gift card:
  • In your browser, navigate to
    Next, a popup will appear, prompting you to enter the gift code. Enter the code here.

Note: If you are already connected to your Google Account on the Google Play Store on the web, input the code immediately. If you’re not sure, click Cancel and look for your profile picture or a “Sign in” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Sign in using the Google Account to which you want the balance to be assigned.

  • After inputting the code, click Redeem.
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Gift card Redeeming on the web
Input The gift card code and redeem

The value of the gift should be transferred to your Google Play balance automatically. You may check your balance by going to the left menu, choosing Payment methods, and then looking at the top method, which should show Google Play balance.

Redeeming Gift Cards on Android

The Google Play Store offers a convenient method to redeem your gift card on Android. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to your Android device’s Google Play Store app.
  • On the upper right of the screen, tap your profile image.
  • In the resulting menu, select Payments & subscriptions.
  • Look for and select the Redeem gift code option.
  • Enter the code from your Google Play gift card here.
play store on android redeem gift card 1
Gift card Redeeming on Android
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