How To Check Airtel Night Plan Balance (Update 2022)


 This post shows you how to check airtel night plan balance in the easiest ways possible. Also, get the code to know youtube night data balance on your phone.

You’re searching for the answer to check the night plan balance on airtel because you subscribe recently.

Yes, it’s either you have an active night bundle, you subscribed in the past or you’re about to buy a new night data plan.

It cool. Like, it makes sense to always check your airtel night plan data balance to make sure it moving at the right pace.

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Checking Your Airtel Night Data Bundle balance

This data bundle gives you access to browse the internet during the late hours of the night. That’s fine but, it’s not unlimited which means you need to check your night data balance on Airtel.

The Airtel night bundle works best at midnight while others are sleeping. Your close friends and family members have slept off. Just you and your mobile phone trying to check your airtel night plan balance.

The airtel night data offer is an amazing internet package that allows you to get BIG DATA for less pay. That is, the little money spent on airtime gives you huge data volume to browse all night.

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Now, activating the night bundle is not the problem, we have covered that in a different post. The common request from people is how to check airtel night plan data balance and that’s what this post is about.

Not just Airtel Nigeria though, MTN has good nightlife bundles, 9mobile and Glo also has good packages. The major challenge is to check your airtel night plans balance after browsing for some time.

How To Check Airtel Night Plan Balance Code – USSD Method

The code to check the data balance on airtel is *141#. Follow the guidelines below to view your remaining balance.

  • Simply dial *141# and wait for the popup menu to show up.
  • Locate and select the ‘Check Data Balance’ option (by replying ‘*’).
  • Reply 7 to check your Airtel night plan balance.

Let’s have a look at the available data bundle on the Airtel night browsing package. There’s one for 25 Naira which gives you 500MB and the 1.5GB data plan for 200 Naira only.

Now, you may be wondering if the code to check night plan balance on Airtel differs but, that’s not the case.

The Airtel N25 and N200 night plans are under the same umbrella and you can check the data balance in the same way.

Check Airtel Night Balance Using Your Phone Settings

You can also check your available night plan balance on Airtel by monitoring your data usage. This is a feature added to your phone by default.

So, no matter the version of the Android or iPhone you use, it’ll work for you.

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Follow the guideline below correctly to check airtel night data balance:

  • Open Your Phone Settings
  • Then, Locate and select ‘Data Usage’ option.
  • From there, you can motinor the data volume you’ve exhausted.
  • Calculate the amount that’s left.

This night package is not free or has unlimited access to the internet. Yes, that’s why you need to check the airtel night balance to avoid early exhaustion.

The night plan subscription is limited to subscribers on the Airtel SmartTrybe tariff plan. Smart Trybe is a plan that gives you a good number of benefits including calls and data bonuses.

In case you’re currently subscribed to the Airtel YouTube night bundle, there’s also a way to check your data balance.

How To Check Airtel YouTube Night Plan Balance

  • Simply dial *410# on your phone dialer app.

You’ll get a notification from Airtel. This message contains your available night plan balance.

Alternatively, you dial *140# to check all data and bonus balance on your Airtel phone number.

The code to check night sub balance is *141# or *140#.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my Airtel night bundle balance?

Simply dial *140# or monitor your data usage.

What is the code for Airtel night browsing plan?

the code for airtel night browsing is dial *312*3#

How can I check my Airtel night data balance by SMS?

Open your Phone Messaging App and sms STATUS to 141.

Have You Checked?

You just learned how to check Airtel night plan balance.

Look closely, there are two (2) methods included above. One is the USSD code and the other is the Data Usage feature on your phone.

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So, tell me in the comment section.

Have you checked your night bundle data balance?

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