How To Create Spotify Pie Charts?

In this article, we will be taking you on how to create spotify pie charts. A new feature on the music and podcast streaming platform has caused a stir among Spotify devotees.

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Use the new online tool to view your Spotify listening habits and present your findings in pie form.

Darren Huang, a UCLA student, created the third-party feature.

Music lovers have been posting their favorite playlists and amusing reactions on social media, just like they do every year when Spotify Wrapped is published. Meanwhile, did you check Apple WWDC 2022 announcements?

How to create Spotify Pie Charts?

Users can “bake” their own “Monthly Genre Pie” with the app known as Spotfy Pie, which is a genre-specific software.

How to create Spotify pie charts?
How to create Spotify pie charts?

The new feature, which has become increasingly popular, shows your listening habits by genre based on your most played songs.

The genres are experimental, independent rock, dream pop, K-pop, emo rap, and many more.
You may test it out for yourself by going to Huang’s Website.

All you need to do is log into your Spotify account through Huang’s genre app – enjoy!

Simply log into your Spotify account through Huang’s genre app and share the results.

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