How to Disable Right Click on my Blogspot Website



If you are using WordPress for Blogging and your blog is hosted on any Hosting like GoDaddy or Bluehost, you can find many free & premium plugins to disable Right Click on blog. If your Blog Run in blogger platform, then there is no plugin support you can find to setup Disable Right Click on your Blogger website.

Let me explain why you should disable Right Click in your blogger blog…!

Why you Must disable Right Click in blogger Website?

If copy function is enabled in your blog, then Content thieves will copy and paste your Content in their blog. This means you will see that your content is live on other blogs without your permission.

I know if you found! you can copyright claim Google to remove duplicate content. In my opinion, this doesn’t work! because Google why spend time on all these frauds? Will he do content for his audience or spend the whole day complaining Or, how long will he be complaining about thousands of content thieves to protect his unique content?

In this case, Google does not act and steals content. Even sometimes Google offers high traffic for duplicate content. If you don’t want to be pressured into complaining about copied content. Then easily disable Right Click in your blogger blog by following this simple steps.

How to disable Right Click in blogger Website

Step 1. Sign in to Blogger & Go to Blogger dashboard

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Step 2. Navigate to Theme & then click on Edit HTML

Step 3. After that, click on anywhere in HTML code and press Ctrl+F.

Step 4. After pressing Ctrl+F a search window will open in the HTML code.

Step 5. Now, Type this   </body>  to find the ending of body in your template.

Step 6.  Now copy the code shown below and paste it just above  </body>  tag in your blogger template.

<style> body{user-select:none}.toast-notification{background:#000;color:#fff;padding:12px 24px;border-radius:8px;font-size:16px;position:fixed;bottom:10px;opacity:0;left:50%;transform:translateX(-50%);transition:all .4s ease}{bottom:50px;opacity:1} </style> <div class='toast-notification'> Right click is disabled for this website. </div>

<script> const toastNotification = document.querySelector(&quot;.toast-notification&quot;); const showNotification = () =&gt; { toastNotification.classList.add(&quot;active&quot;); setTimeout(() =&gt; { toastNotification.classList.remove(&quot;active&quot;); }, 2000); }; window.addEventListener(&quot;contextmenu&quot;, (e) =&gt; { e.preventDefault(); showNotification(); });</script>


After reading this article on how to Disable Right Click in blogger website. You may successfully Block copy-paste features on your blogger blog.

If you have any problems or have any suggestions. Let me know in the comments section.

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