How To Find End Of His Obsession Lost Ark Location?

In this article you’ll learn where to find the End of His Obsession Lost Ark quest. It’s a secret in Lost Ark that players must complete or almost finish the main narrative in Arthetine. If you’ve completed the Verdantier quest in Riza Falls, you can do this. Otherwise, there’s no way to finish this Secret Story.

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There’s a big hype, only 24 hours after its release, Lost Ark has become the second most played in Steam history. If you want to play this trending MMORPG you can check system requirements here. Plus, if you want to know which classes are the best in the game right now, we’ve got you covered. You can download the game here. If you don’t have a Windows 11 PC, it is possible to play Lost Ark on Mac.

Where to find the End of His Obsession Lost Ark quest?

How to find End of His Obsession Lost Ark location
How to find End of His Obsession Lost Ark location

After meeting the requirements, you may visit the Nebelhorn Region and enter the Heart of Sceptrum. The next zone is known as Altdorf. It will be north of Nebelhorn Lab, and there are two waypoints close by to speed things up. At the area marked above, you’ll find some enormous generators in certain boxes. Examine the large bag on the ground near the generators. You have 15 minutes to complete the next phase.

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How to find End of His Obsession Lost Ark location
How to find End of His Obsession Lost Ark location

Go to Riza Falls as soon as possible and enter the Verdantier dungeon. You should not allow anything to get in your way of reaching the top. This area is ideal for a good sprint. The timer only requires you to get to the second boss, so there’s less pressure.

The last boss will be on the circular platform at the top, so don’t go up the stairs to greet them. Instead, go to the left of the stairs in the corner adjacent to the platform and search for the final section of this Hidden Story. If you think there’s a bug with the quest, fret not as you may be doing something wrong. Look at the official forum’s thread about it to solve your problem. After you’ve done with the quest, perhaps you may want to hop on Monte Island?

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