How To Get Intel Ribbon Battlefield 2042?

You can learn how to get Intel Ribbon Battlefield 2042 with this article. Players can obtain various ribbons for accomplishing tasks in Battlefield 2042, similar to the ribbons given to soldiers for their bravery. Players are rewarded with five distinct sorts of ribbons as a result of fulfilling the conditions. While some of these are connected to combat, others are simply focused on completing distinct goals. In the game, Intel Ribbons are earned by identifying and interrupting enemy troops. To gain access to several weapons and gadgets, you must gather these distinct ribbons.

How to get intel ribbon Battlefield 2042?

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So, here’s how to get the Intel Ribbon in Battlefield 2042.

  • The Intel Ribbons disrupt and detect the enemy troops, as previously said.
  • This ribbon is concerned with assisting your teammates and informing them of the locations of the opponents.
  • Assist points are earned when teammates receive the necessary information.
  • You can also use EMP grenades to temporarily disable your adversary’s HUD and vehicle weapons.
  • Furthermore, you can hurl these grenades against their aircraft and vehicles.
  • The Casper’s Recon Drone is a drone that you can use to spot opponents automatically up to 80 meters away.
How to get intel ribbon Battlefield 2042?
How to get intel ribbon Battlefield 2042?
  • As the drone sees foes, you receive a bonus of 5 XP for spotting them and 50 XP for each target slain by your teammates. Isn’t this a fantastic way to earn experience?
  • After obtaining the Paik’s Prox Sensor, you can either use it or the operator.
  • You can lob the sensor grenade toward your opponent’s troops. Then, work with your teammates to clear out the rest of the enemies.
  • Three additive tiers are included in Intel ribbons, which add up to XP.
  • You’ll receive an extra 1000XP on the first tier, 500XP on the second tier, and 500XP again on the third.
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That’s all there is to it. In Battlefield 2042, you may earn the Intel ribbon by completing missions and fulfilling certain objectives. Check out our other guide on how to get Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle in Battlefield 2042, if you liked this article.

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