How To Grow Your Business Successfully Using WhatsApp

Thousands upon thousands of businesses out there either small or large are finding it difficult to expand their reach. Some have the audience but the are not experiencing growth, their business is stagnant, no order for their works or services.


If you fall in any of the category mentioned, this piece is for you. Grab a seat and read through this post to learn how to grow that your business using a well known messaging app called Whatsapp.


Firstly, what is WhatsApp? 


WhatsApp is a messaging platform that allows users to send text messages and voice messages, make voice and video calls, and share images and documents.


Now, how do I increase the growth of my business on this messaging app (whatsapp)?

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1. Build The Right Audience:

There is one thing to build audience and another to build the right audience. Building the right audience on whatsapp is having your ideal customers on your contact list. Your ideal customers are those who are interested and willing to pay for your business, products or services.


2. Build Trust:

After getting your ideal customers on your contact list, you need to build trust with them. One way to build trust is giving free values. As a business owner or a product seller, you have to learn to give free values related to what you do to gain more trust from your new customers on your contact list. The value can be a training or course that enlightens them. You must give out free values before a customer can purchase your products.

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3. Create Attention Grabbing Offers:

You need to also create attention grabbing offers around your business (e.g If you sell 1 Trouser

for ₦1,000 each, create an offer that goes like: “Buy 1 Trouser, get a belt for free!”. At this point, you can’t sell for the same price as before. You can now sell for ₦1,200 instead of ₦1,000. Your customers will buy !!!


As a business owner, make your products or services legit to avoid the tarnishing of your your Business name.


4. Make good use of your status:

Learn to make proper use of your status. Do not flood your status with lots of meaningless updates. Post an enlightenment text or video on your status also post funny stuffs sometimes to brighten their mood. If you sell shoes, make sure you have a proper scheduling for posting on your status to avoid the disinterest of your customers or viewers.

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In conclusion, keep your business running and never stop for once. Consistency helps your business a lot… When your customers sees your post everyday, they believe that your business is still running and active, but when you stop posting or updating them, they believe your business no longer exists.


Hope this post was helpful ?


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