How to Set Up My Adsense Account For Youtube

How to Set Up My Adsense Account For Youtube

If you are earning money on YouTube or trying to claim a Shorts bonus, you need to associate an approved AdSense account to earn money and get paid.

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Create and link an AdSense account

Creating an AdSense account and linking it to your channel is a crucial step towards getting paid on YouTube. Note that if you’re already in the YouTube Partner Program, you can change your linked AdSense account if you need to. You can also monetize more than one YouTube channel using the same AdSense account.Are you trying to claim a Shorts bonus? If so, check out these specific AdSense instructions for Shorts bonuses.

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You can follow these steps to create a new AdSense account and link it to your channel:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. Select the Monetization tab on the left menu.
  3. Click START on the Sign up for Google AdSense card.
  4. When prompted, enter your YouTube account password and re-authenticate if required.
  5. Choose which Google account you would like to use for AdSense.
    1. Note: if you already use AdSense for other reasons outside of YouTube, sign into the Google account used with your existing AdSense account.
  6. You’re now in AdSense. Once here, verify that the email address is correct at the top of the page. If it’s the wrong one, click Use a different account to switch accounts.
  7. Continue setting up your account. Provide your contact info and submit your AdSense account application. 

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After following the above steps, you’ll be taken back to YouTube Studio, where you’ll see a message verifying receipt of your AdSense account application. AdSense will inform you via email once your account has been approved, which can take up to several days. Once approved, you’ll see confirmation within YouTube Studio in the Sign up for Google AdSense card that your AdSense account is approved and active.Multi-channel networks (MCN): If you’re an affiliate channel partnering with a MCN, you have to link your own AdSense account to your channel. Accessing a third party’s AdSense account, even with their permission, is a violation of the AdSense Terms of Service.

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