How To Setup Rockspace Wi-Fi Range Extender

Have you purchased a brand new Wireless Range Extender from Rockspace? Have you tried the Manual Setup Rockspace Extender? But still, just confused as to how to set up wi-fi range extenders for Rockspace?

You will find the best setup guide for the wi-fi extender here. For the Rockspace Local Extender Setup, you do not need an installation CD. Just scroll down and follow the step-by – step instructions of the Rockspace wi-fi extender setup.

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First Understand, Then Setup Rockspace wifi Range Extender

Let’s shed some light on some of the basic properties of the wifi extender and how it works. In the wireless re.rockspace.local, these features can also be found.

Important tip: Depending on the model, the features of the wi-fi extender, the New Extender Setup, may change. We’ve considered the basic features of the wifi range extender.

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Rockspace Range Extender ‘s Setup Methods:

To set up wifi range extenders, there are two expert-guided techniques, which are:

Important point: Both of these approaches are quite successful and simple. But still, during the set-up of the wifi extender, it is also good to take advice from experts. Try updating the firmware of a Rockspace extender before proceeding with the setup process.

Method # 1: Method for Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) :

  • If you’re using an older extender for the wifi range? Then, you need to reset it, first of all. Take a clip or a pointed object with a paper pin and press the reset button.

  • Now, to test the live internet connection, try to connect your computer or laptop to the extended network.

Method # 2: Method of Ethernet Cable Setup

  • On your computer, run any web browser and visit the login page for re.rockspace.local OR AP.Setup. If you haven’t visited the extender login page, try using the default IP address of your extender.

  • Now, to test the live internet connection, try to connect your computer or laptop to the extended network.

  • It’s that! Here you’re done, finally. If some confusion about how to set up an extension of the wifi range is still there, somehow? So, well, we’re always here, you know, to beck you up.

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