How to Share Blogger Posts to Social Media Automatically


Blogger is a platform where you can start blogging free of cost. But there are some limitations with this CMS, like there is no option provided to automatically share your blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. But don’t worry, we are here to help you in this regard. This article will discuss how to share your Blogger blog posts to social media platforms automatically.

Why should you share blog posts on social media platforms?

In this world of the digital era, everyone is on social media. You understand its potential and can’t ignore this platform to attract more users to your website. You can create your account or dedicated pages related to your business on Twitter, Facebook, etc. And share that page to groups similar to your business or audience that may like your product.

After creating a page and getting some followers, it is essential to serve some content to them from time to time. And it is also vital that you share all the blog posts banner links to social media. So the page followers don’t miss any updates from your website.

How to share Blogger blog posts to social media automatically?

There is no straightforward solution to sharing Blogger blog posts on Facebook. Initially, we can connect the blog feed with Twitter and where we can connect Facebook. But in 2019, Google shut down this feature.

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Now, we can take the help of a third-party application Zapier. This service is free for 100 monthly blog posts. You can use this feature on other blogging platforms as well.

You’ve to create an account on Zapier and log in to the account. You can also choose Facebook, Microsoft, or Google to create an account.

create a Zap

Now you can start creating zap, and this zap will help you connect your blog post and social media platform.

Enter the name of the Zap for future reference. And Now select the Trigger after which our event should initiate. You have to search RSS by Zapier.

This RSS by Zapier is an RSS feed that is also available with the Blogger blog. Now we’ll use it for sharing our blog content automatically on social media platforms.

  1. Select Trigger RSS by Zapier,
  2. Trigger Event: It will allow us to choose when our zap must take action,
  3. Click on continue with the above settings.

A new window will open where you can provide the RSS feed URL of the Blogger blog. In the Blogger blog, the RSS feed is located under /feeds/posts/default.

After clicking on continue, you’ll be on the trigger setup window. In this window, you’ve to provide the RSS feed URL of your blog. After providing an RSS feed, click on the continue button as shown above.

Find RSS Feed URL: If your blog URL is, the feed URL will be And in the case of Blogger custom domain name then the feed URL will be

Now you can connect as much as social media account by clicking on the plus(+) symbol provided.

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How to share Blogger Post to Facebook automatically.

After setting up a trigger event for Blogger blog post, you can select action on Trigger. Click on the plus(+) sign to set the action of the Trigger.

Zapier action window will open where we can set action event. We’ve to share our post on the Facebook page; then, we’ll select the “Facebook Pages” option.

After selecting Facebook Pages, you’ve to choose the event that should happen on the Facebook Page. We want to publish our blog post on the Facebook page; then, we’ll create an action event page as follows.

  • Select Facebook Pages Option,
  • Action Event: Create Page Post to create a new post whenever we publish any content on our Blogger blog.
  • Click on Continue.

You have to select your Facebook account, the particular page to publish the Blogger blog post content.

In the setup section, you’ve to provide content that you want to share on social media. These settings are crucial; select carefully.

  • Select Targeted Facebook page.
  • The message of the post: It should be content
  • Link URL: It should be a link of the post fetched as a Link Alternative from the RSS feed.

You can press continue and test the trigger event. Now, whenever you publish new content, Zappier will share that on social media.

Share Blogger blog posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

In a similar manner to the above, you can share your Blogger blog post on Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media platforms listed on Zapier.

After creating a Zap Trigger event of the RSS feed, you’ve to select Twitter. In the above case, we selected Facebook, and now we’ll choose Twitter.

  1. Choose Application: Twitter,
  2. Action Event: Create Tweet,
  3. Select your Tweet account.

The critical part of Zapier setup, in this section, you’ve to provide all values correctly. The above values will automatically appear in the bar. You’ve to find the correct value and select it.

  • Message: In the message section, you’ve to provide Link Alternative, content and related hashtags,
  • Enable shortened URLs.
  • Continue with Zapier and test the module.
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You’ve successfully created the Zap for Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to turn on these Zaps.

Final Words

This article discussed how to automatically share our Blogger blog post on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. As there is no direct option to share social media content, we used the Zapier tool.

I hope you like this article; in case of any doubt, feedback, feel free to ask in the comment section provided below.

How to share Blogger blog posts automatically to Facebook?

Blogger blog posts automatically can be shared to Facebook and other social media using Zapier.

Where can I share my Blogger posts?

To attract more users to your blog, you can share your Blogger blog post on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and other social media platforms.


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