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Why did Facebook block my URL? You may ask…

  The short but unpleasant answer: You are not VALUABLE.

You might get upset about that answer and say: “but I am valuable. I only shared my link to few groups and across Facebook. What made you say such? Am I not on Facebook? Is that not value?  

My reply: You are still not VALUABLE. You might still say: ” but i went to Facebook debugging tool and reported that my link is blocked. I even got   5 of my friends to do same, but my link is still blocked. Is that not value that 6 of us reported 1 link?

My reply: You are still not VALUABLE. If you used Facebook debugging tool multiple times and still no reply or your link is still blocked, then Congrats! You’ve just gotten a straight ticket to Facebook’s black book. When you use Facebook debugging tool multiple times, what Facebook sees is SPAM!

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  So, you might ask, “how do I become valuable to Facebook?”   My reply: Have a Facebook business account aka Facebook page(which is free to create). If you are submitting your link to Facebook and no reply, you are doing this as a FACEBOOK USER even if you have a page

. You need to switch accounts from USER to BUSINESS. Now, creating a FACEBOOK page is easy but what’s easy is usually easy not to do.  

When you’ve created a FACEBOOK page, you are still a USER. You still have to do 3 things.

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1. Click

2. Click in “Get Started”

3. Click on “Policy & Account Security”

4. Click on “Chat with a representative”

5. Click on “Start Chat”   Wait a few minutes and a FACEBOOK agent will chat with you. Tell the person your URL has been blocked and you please need it unblocked(be polite).

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Add this extra juice if you may: Tell the person you also want to run ads but since your URL is blocked, you can’t.   Within 24hrs or few weeks, it will surely be unblocked. You may or may not receive an email from FACEBOOK but after 24hrs, keep testing your link on FB to see if it is unblocked. If your link is not unblocked, the problem will be from your site due to INSECURE CONTENT.

The FACEBOOK agent will tell you that though but you will have to find those connects on your site and remove them (could be images or a code in your site or https).

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