How to unlock your phone when you are in a Emergency Situation

Mobile phones have become increasingly important in people’s life, and some are already addicted to them without even realizing it.


Some people are quite worried about their privacy and prefer to keep their phone information private. Installing a password or pattern lock on phones appears to be the best option for these individuals.

This would prohibit anyone from gaining unauthorized access to their phones. However, while that may seem like a wonderful thing to do, it does have some drawbacks.

One disadvantage of locking your phone is that it prevents people from accessing it in the event of an emergency so that you can notify your family and loved ones.

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Locking your phone with a password or pattern lock could be a poor idea in emergency scenarios like accidents, theft, sudden illness, and other similar situations where you can’t answer or use your phone.

Meanwhile, there are several actions you may take to help you unlock your phone if it is locked. I’ll show you how to add the phone numbers of your loved ones to your emergency hotline in this article. This way, even if your phone is locked, they may be contacted in an emergency.

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When your phone is locked, it will typically display “Enter password,” with a “Emergency” button below. After pressing the emergency button twice, press the “Emergency information” button once more.

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Then, on the far right, you’ll see a pencil icon; click it to modify.



Fill in the information for the contact you want to save as an emergency contact. Remember that you can save as many contacts as you want, but it’s best to save the numbers of active loved ones who are highly familiar with you, such as your father, mother, friends, siblings, and so on.

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Even if your phone is locked, you can call the contacts you saved without entering your password.

To phone a number in an emergency, repeat the procedure described above.

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