How To Use Reddit Comment Search?


Reddit is currently developing a Reddit comment search tool to include comments. Users will now be able to retrieve information from replies to posts, making it simpler to find anything unique outside of broad Reddit postings, communities, and individuals.

The adoption is Reddit’s latest effort to make it easier for users to discover material other than that found in their regular subreddits, following the introduction of a discovery tab on its mobile app in January.

How to use Reddit comment search?

According to Reddit, in a user survey last year, the ability to search comments was one of the most popular responses. During “limited initial testing,” Reddit stated that 26,000 users used the feature against five billion comments. The new capability is now available worldwide for users on Reddit’s desktop site but not via its apps, which may be another incentive to turn off that app installation pop-up.

How to use Reddit comment search?
How to use Reddit comment search?

Reddit is also improving its search experience to assist users in locating more relevant searches written by real people and comment researching. Instead of showing search results with identical wording, related results will appear instead to make the search less restricting when searching for something.

When you search Reddit, the results are based on relevance. Site activity will influence results now that we have introduced a new search function. Now Reddit‘s search results take into account how well-liked a certain result is across the platform. Interactions with a specific search result can assist in determining which of these results ranks highest.

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In this article, we covered the new Reddit comment search feature and other added improvements in the platform.
Reddit comment search feature is here.

The new feature also allows users to see more recent or popular results favored by the platform, which is possible because so many people are looking for information on the same topic. As a result of Reddit’s new desktop upgrade, you’ll have a higher possibility of seeing current results if you use Reddit to check up on testimonials during an outage or look up the most recent breaking news.

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