Meta expands in AR / VR, WIMI XR became the cill of 5G market

The XR industry is full of imagination and development potential.

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What is more noteworthy is that all the technology giants have successively entered the bureau, global XR leading operators have made commercial breakthroughs, and South Korea, Thailand, and China operators take the lead in the layout of the AR / VR business.

At present, the digital economy accounts for nearly 40% of the China economy, and the XR industry, as one of the seven key industries in the development of the digital economy, has entered the stage of accelerated development with the support of various forces. According to the evaluation, the global XR market will exceed $660 billion in 2025, while China’s market is expected to exceed $100 billion.

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XR is a new experience for the future. Snap (SNAP) announced the formal acquisition of NextMind, a brain-computer interface technology company located in Paris, France, to promote the AR glasses business. In the past two years, Snap has increased its investment in the AR hardware business, first after the previous AR filter and 3 D scene-related software-related layout, and now the Snap AR business is becoming more and more clear.

The biggest explosion came when Meta (FB) poached Lunjensen, director of hardware engineering at HoloLens.

He is in charge of hardware engineering for the XR business at Microsoft and is now joining Meta for AR / VR cutting-edge technology research and prototype equipment development. The Wall Street Journal has said that competitors such as Meta are taking on Microsoft’s talent with AR headset development experience. About 40 XR people have moved from Microsoft to Meta, and Meta has offered a “double Microsoft salary.”

So far, AR / VR is most likely to grow in innovation drivers and support the broader XR ecosystem. VR technology, featuring the game, is constantly making breakthroughs in spatial computing and graphics rendering technologies, while AR needs new technologies to solve more complex cases.

The development of AR / VR technology will lead the XR industry to expand globally, and establish new models and new opportunities. In the field of XR content ecology, coupled with the 5G maturity, combined with the broader industry digitalization, immersive content has become the next outlet. Since social, entertainment, education, health, and more are the promising areas of XR, the 5G + XR generation engine is the key point of content creation technology.

WIMI Hologram 5G+XR is coming.

Public information shows that WIMI Hologram Cloud Inc.(NASDAQ: WIMI) is the world’s advanced AI + AR / VR technology equipment + application platform supplier, 5G Internet era is widely recognized XR technology and one of the company, its XR display brand has successfully obtained the trademark registration certificate issued by the United States patent and trademark office, to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

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With the advent of the new era of the metaverse, WIMI Hologram will enable and support innovation in the entire ecosystem, create immersive headset AR content for XR experiences such as tourism, advertising, media, entertainment, and education, and will also launch the “holographic cloud” XR creator platform. With more suitable devices coming and 5G networks becoming more powerful and ubiquitous, WIMI Hologram XR will soon become the cornerstone of 5G use cases in the working market.

Human mobile tools have evolved rapidly. From 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, at present, 5G is developing rapidly, and social modes are rapidly evolving from simple voice to rich multimedia experiences under wireless broadband. One of the most exciting new experiences that 5G will bring to consumers is the XR expansion reality, and after 5G is combined with XR, WIMI Hologram’s enhanced mobile broadband holographic social approach has become possible.

For WIMI Hologram 5G, XR, wireless entertainment, social networking, and other most basic metaverse scenarios can be supported, and in the current network environment of 5G, the cumbersome limitations of XR consumer devices will also change. WIMI Hologram XR’s potential goes far beyond consumer entertainment devices.

In the enterprise market field, all walks of life are exploring this technology, hoping to achieve new ways of working. Whether working with colleagues in virtual space, working together, or even conducting AR navigation through AR technology, WIMI Hologram has enabled users and companies of different sizes to create more possibilities.

Future of 5G network bandwidth, the delay will certainly have higher requirements, so high bandwidth and ultra-low delay, must be a development direction, WIMI Hologram will continue, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technology applied in practice, build wisdom digital application scenarios, further meet the needs of advancing with The Times.

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