Must Play VR Games Announced At Meta Showcase


Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022 has made a lot of fans excited. There are striking titles announced at Meta Showcase and if you own a Quest 2, don’t miss them.

This year’s Meta Showcase for Oculus was full of games you can expect to play on your Quest 2 soon. Last year’s surprise announcement was the VR port of Resident Evil 4 and this year’s announcements seem like they’ll be must-play experiences as well.

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

The latest Meta Showcase announcement has hyped a lot of VR lovers.


Ghostbusters VR game is in the works for the Quest 2. There aren’t many details (and it’s still in development under a working title) but the game will have the players run Ghostbusters headquarters in San Francisco.

“Track, blast, and trap ghosts in gripping encounters by wielding iconic equipment,” the official description claims. No release date announced yet.

Meta Showcase: RE4 Mercenaries mode is now live

The Mercenaries mode has been released and is a free update for anyone who purchased Resident Evil 4 on the Oculus Store. It’s a time-based challenge mode where your aim is to survive and rack up the biggest score possible. This version of the game features online leaderboards, 20 new challenges, and new unlocks including a big head mode, a black-and-white film noire effect, and golden gun skins that you can also use in the main scenario.

By the way we have prepared an article showing our selection of the best Quest 2 games.

Among US VR

The launch of Among Us VR is planned for the end of 2022, according to InnerSloth, Robot Teddy, and Schell Games. The studio also revealed a new trailer for the VR adaptation of the smash hit game.

Schell Games, which created successful virtual reality games such as I Expect You To Die, has announced that it will work on three more projects with Meta Studios teams.


Bonelab is a new Quest 2 and PC VR game from the creators of Boneworks, a PC VR-exclusive title that pioneered realistic weapons handling, combat, and platforming. The plot of the game has altered, and it builds on the previous one with new locations, weapons, and avatars to explore.

Given Machine Studios’ history of producing intense games that require your full involvement, it will undoubtedly be a title that VR gamers will enjoy.

Meta quest gaming showcase 2022 has made a lot of fans excited. There are striking titles announced at Meta showcase and if you want to own a Quest 2, don't miss them.
Bonelab revealed at Meta Showcase this year is the successor to Boneworks, pictured above

Beat Saber’s “Electronic Mixtape” add-on

Beat Saber add-on is also announced at Meta Showcase. Another sound module will soon be added to the already-substantial soundtrack of Beat Saber. An Electronic Mixtape is on its way, which will include music from Deadmau5, Fatboy Slim, Marshmello, and other artists.

The collection won’t be available until later this year, and it’ll cost $12.99.

Cities: VR

If you like city-building simulations such as SimCity and Cities: Skylines on PC, you’re probably already aware of Cities: VR. It’s all about creating an immersive experience of the cities you construct (and destroy).

It’ll be available on April 28th for $29.99, and those who preorder before release day will receive a 10% discount.

NFL Pro Era

The NFL is the first league to license a VR football game that is announced at Meta Showcase. It’s a game playing from the first-person perspective, and it will include a season mode where you can build your own team to compete at the Super Bowl.

You may play games, perform exercises, or just watch your buddies. It will debut in the fall, and it will also be available for PSVR.

Moss: Book II

The second entry in the charming mouse’s story is scheduled to release on the Quest 2 this summer (okay, winter for you Strayans and Kiwis out there). The newest installment in the series, Moss: Evolution, is now available for PlayStation VR.

Quest 2 owners will not have to wait that long to experience the next chapter.

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