Preserving Radio as A Trusted Medium in the Digital Age of Mediamorphosis

World Radio Day 2022
AuthorOlufemi Orunsola
Date Published13 – 02 – 2022
About AuthorOlufemi Orunsola, is a Principal Broadcast Technologist at the Department of Mass Communication,
Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

According to Whitehead (1968), there are four dominant factors holding sway in major landmark studies
of the concept of Source Credibility and theories propounded by communication scholars such as
Hovland and Weis (1951).

These dominant factors are:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Professionalism or Competence
  3. Dynamism
  4. Objectivity.

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It is therefore instructive to note that the theme of this year’s World Radio Day ratified by UNESCO, “Yes to Radio to Trust’’ captures the dominant dimension rated first in the volume of academic literature on the subject of Source Credibility – trust or trust Worthiness!

For the records, every 13th of February has been declared World Radio Day, following the

recommendation of the executive board to the 36th session of the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2011. Indeed, Radio has over the years, rightfully positioned itself as a ubiquitous medium and a major credible medium for communicating with a diverse heterogeneous audience crossing the barriers of literacy, status, gender, creed, religion, etc, across the world.

As we commemorate the 2022 World Radio Day, it is pertinent for all critical stakeholders in Radio broadcasting, from the rated kings of Radio medium themselves -the Radio listeners/audiences, to the operators of Radio at all levels or tiers, (especially the community/campus radio stations), broadcast regulatory agencies, relevant professional associations, non-governmental organizations and government at all levels, among others should pause to ponder and appreciate the progressive resilience of the Radio medium amidst landmark paradigm shifts in the development curves of mass media.

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There can be no better occasion to focus on how and why Radio has remained one of the most widely consumed, ubiquitous and widely believed medium across the world. However, given the current trends of media fragmentation, ‘’communicopia’’ (media duplication) and mediamorphosis , as captured by Aina (2003:64- 69), operators and regulators of radio broadcasting have a collective responsibility to preserve and sustain the source credibility of radio as a ubiquitous medium trusted for information dissemination, education and entertainment, in aggregate, of billions of people across the globe.

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In this age of media proliferation and media convergence in which some mass media species are being threatened with redundancy, becoming subsumed by emerging new media, it is heartwarming to affirm that radio has continued to stand its ground of relevance without its credibility waning or waxing away!

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Interestingly, today’s globe has seen technological advancements that have not only made our world a global village of Marshall McLuhan’s prediction but a small radio garden connected with myriads of green dots signifying radio stations located in different parts of the world accessible to anyone anywhere in the world just by a click of a button or the touch of a phone screen! The take home from this year’s theme of the World Radio Day should therefore be a huge sense of pride in a resilient medium but that professional pride should be actively blended with utmost sense of individual and collective responsibility towards sustaining and attaining greater source credibility for the Radio medium via professionalism driven by competence, dynamism, medium democratisation and journalistic objectivity.

Happy World Radio Day 2022!

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