Rocket League Battle Royale Explained: Knockout Bash


Rocket League battle royale is becoming a reality because the game is launching a new limited time mode called Knockout Bash on April 27. Who will be the last car standing?

Knockout Bash: Rocket League battle royale dreams come true

Knockout Bash will pit eight drivers against one another in a free-for-all to be the last vehicle on the road. The features of a typical battle royale mode will be included in Knockout Bash, including perma-death and a shrinking combat zone. In this mode, players can be knocked out three times, then it’s done.

There will also be new actions and improvements to existing skills in the form of additional explosions, as well as enhanced abilities, in order to increase Knockout Bash’s demolition derby feel. Players will be able to pull opponents towards them and throw them into hazards.

Rocket League battle royale explained: Knockout Bash
Rocket League battle royale Knockout Bash will be live between April 27th and May 10th.

Double jumps will become triple jumps, allowing players to leap higher and attack vehicles from further away, a well-timed block will deflect attacks better, and players can now Dodge four times in the air before the ability resets. If a player is knocked out of the arena, they have a few seconds to get back to safety before being knocked out.

How to play Rocket League battle royale Knockout Bash?

Rocket League battle royale Knockout Bash will be live between April 27th and May 10th. You can play the game for free by visiting its official website.

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If you are hungry for a new last man standing game until this mode comes out check out Crucible: Amazon’s new Battle Royale.

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