This Elden Ring Mod Adds Let Me Solo Her As An NPC Summon


The Elden Ring is a fantastic game, but it is also notoriously tough, just like all Soulslike games. It’s likely that hearing this has scared away a lot of people from even trying Elden Ring, but it should not. There are methods at your disposal if you ever find yourself in a bind, particularly when taking down a difficult boss. Even though some Elden Ring players claim you aren’t playing the game correctly by utilizing them.

The Soulslike game developed by FromSoftware is creating a big hype among gamers. Even before it was published, the game has acquired a legendary reputation based on a lengthy stretch of silence and several delays. If you want to learn more about the game’s scores and reviews visit our article. If you are not sure your PC is capable of running the game, system requirements and best settings are here. If you are willing to purchase the game, visit Steam. We’ve also prepared a guide explaining everything you need to know about character creation.

This Elden Ring mod adds Let Me Solo Her as an NPC summon
This Elden Ring mod adds Let Me Solo Her as an NPC summon

“Hi I’m Let Me Solo Her Elden Ring NPC”

Let Me Solo Her, a player in Elden Ring, has become a celebrity among the game’s players, with his distinctive marijuana-headed get-up to kill Malenia, Miquella’s blade. Now, a modder by the name of Garden of Eyes has released a mod that will allow you to summon an NPC version of Let Me Solo Her, as per Polygon’s Malenia option.

The mod replaces Let Me Solo Her with Lone Wolf Ashes, allowing players to call for help any time they need it. The modded character’s standard gear is copied, and the boss fights previewed in the trailer are representative of the NPC version as well. If you haven’t finished Elden Ring, the video may contain a few spoilers.

The mod isn’t free. Let Me Solo Her is a virtual item that is only available through a monthly subscription on Patreon for $5 per month. If you want to use the spirit, it’s definitely worth it if you’re in The Lands Between and need help with anything at all.

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