Top 8 Online Websites To Learn How to Code For Free

Looking for the best place order learn all kinds of coding for free?. Good sammyloaded is going to provide you with the best 8 place to learn coding for free

Best place to learn coding for free

1. Code academy

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Free online classes on HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, CMD Line, and SQL are available at Code Academy. Most of their sessions are under 11 hours long and contain quizzes to help you test your knowledge along the way.

If you enjoy self-directed learning, their free courses will likely be a good fit for you. They also provide a premium version that includes a tailored study plan and live help from experts if you need more direct assistance.

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2. W3Schools


The “world’s largest web developer site,” according to W3Schools. They provide extensive, well-organized text instructions on how to use HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQP, PHP, and Bootstrap for all of the major tasks.

They’re a good go-to resource to bookmark for when you need examples or a refresher on how to accomplish something down the road, and they’re a good resource for learning the basics if you learn best by reading.

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3. FreeCodeCamp


Thousands of free lectures on html, CSS, Javascript, Github, and more are available at FreeCodeCamp. You can opt to follow individual lessons based on the precise information you require, or you can complete all of the lessons in a course to receive a free certification.

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In addition to the classes, FreeCodeCamp features an active forum with millions of people that help each other, so you can ask questions and learn from others’ experiences as you go.

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4. GA Dash


A course in HTML, CSS, and Javascript is available from GA Dash. The course is project-based, with particular tasks that provide hands-on experience and allow you to apply what you’ve learned.

It is beneficial for novices.

5. Odin Project


The Odin Project offers free html, CSS, Javascript, Git, databases, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails classes. The courses combine reading with doing by requiring you to complete many hands-on projects along the way.

The Odin Project also has a forum with a vibrant community of people who may assist one another in their learning.

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6. Code conquest


To help you test your skills, the Code Conquest website provides free coding tutorials, programming language cheat sheets, and quizzes.

They provide reviews of various coding training resources (including those on this list) as well as coding-related bargains in addition to all of the education tools they provide.

7. Skillcrush


Skillcrush provides a free coding course that teaches html, CSS, graphic and web design fundamentals, UX (user experience) fundamentals, and basic WordPress abilities. That’s a terrific combination for anyone looking to learn how to maintain their own website more easily. If you enjoy the course and want to study more or pursue a career in technology, Skillcrush also offers premium courses that delve deeper into advanced coding abilities like Python and front-end programming.

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8. EdX

Free of charge

EdX features a large selection of free coding courses ranging from basic (Computer Science 101, How to Code: Simple Data) to expert (Computer Science 101, How to Code: Advanced Data) (Computing in Python, Software Development). The majority of the courses are linked with well-known colleges, lending them further credibility. Some also offer professional certifications or link to online master’s degree programs, however these usually come at a cost.


Coding is a very important skill as the world is transforming into a tech-driven digital space whereby there will be the need to have one or two digital skills in order to be able to do some stuffs online. Coding is a very vital and important skill that is needed in different aspects of life, Coding is used in web development, computer programming, and is also used in giving and decoding instructions. Learn Coding Now For Free.

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