Tunde Ednut Account Suspended After He Got 1Million Followers In 3 Days

Tunde Ednut Account  Suspended After He Got 1Million Followers In 3 Days

Audit that the entertainer turned blogger had his first record (@tundeednut) with in excess of 2 million enthusiasts suspended for mishandling the application's terms and conditions. 

Ednut rejoined the stage with another handle (@kingtundeednut), on 10th January. 

Top Nigerian geniuses, entertainers prepared maintain for his benefit for the online media stage. Nevertheless, his return was shortlived as Instagram blocked his record for the second time after he had gotten 1 million followers 

At that point, Nigerians have taken to online media especially twitter to react over his suspension. 

Here are relatively few reactions; 

@seyishayx expressed, "Tunde Ednut will keep on getting suspended until he saves his pride and apologize to everyone he's body disrespected and whore disfavored. He's aggravated Wizkid FC, Elites and even Titans. If these fan bases keep on detailing your page, you won't suffer it." 

@EWAWUNMIII tweeted, 'Instagram believed that Tunde Ednut will hit 1M adherents and impact, they considered again. Instagram 2-0 Tunde' 

@AsiwajuLerry said "Tunde Ednut opened another record and started savaging Wizkid again. He even ruined Macaroni all since he said he should be ideal to people. Life comes at you certified smart." 

@itzbasito expressed, "Mr Macaroni posted Tunde Ednut and made a video for him when he opened his new record, Tunde Ednut got 500k allies in less than 24 hours, by then he eradicated Mr Macaroni's video on his page and blocked him.Now his record has been suspended at 1m followers." 

@danieliyam said "Tunde Ednut is having content rights ownership issues. That is the huge clarification Instagram is singling out him."