UK tech investment group Tekcapital rolls out SaltMe! brand to 2,400 stores


Leading UK investment group, Tekcapital Plc (AIM: TEK), the UK intellectual property investment group focused on creating valuable products from investing in university technology that can improve people’s lives, has announced another milestone for us portfolio company MicroSalt, Inc., the U.S. operating subsidiary of Salarius, Ltd.

The Company successfully completed roll-out of SaltMe! crisps to Kroger Company, the United States largest supermarket by revenue. The roll-out has been expanded from 1,800 stores to 2,200 stores. Combined with other store locations, SaltMe! crisps are now being sold in over 2,400 stores across United States.

The Company has been able to accomplish this remarkable retail growth whilst also growing its ecommerce sales, with the Company achieving significant sales growth through Amazon at the same time.

Additionally, the Company announced that its SaltMe! potato chips will be available to foodservice (catering) operators. This major milestone is consistent with MicroSalt’s mission to provide healthier, full-flavor snacks that deliver 50% less sodium per serving, to help promote cardiovascular health.

Speaking to TechBullion, Dr. Clifford M. Gross, Executive Chairman of Tekcapital plc. said, “Consumers enjoy salty snacks and are also mindful of their nutritional profiles, especially with regard to reducing their sodium consumption. With MicroSalt, for the first time, they can have true salt flavor with 50% less sodium.  We believe this is the reason for their remarkable growth. We plan to make our salt and snacks available globally. In the UK one of the largest retail food companies is currently evaluating the use of microsalt to replace traditional salt on its salty snacks. “

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“We are thrilled with MicroSalt’s success, as each product consumed helps to reduce the risk of hypertension and the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, compared with consuming traditional snacks,” said

Rick Guiney, CEO at MicroSalt Inc. added, “We’re thrilled to be able to expand the reach of our products.”

“Our microscopic salt crystal technology is creating new opportunities for consumers to lower their sodium intake without sacrificing flavor.  It makes perfect sense for foodservice operators to offer this option to the thousands of consumers they serve looking to live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing flavor,” he added.

MicroSalt is a subsidiary of portfolio company, Salarius. MicroSalt aims to revolutionize the food industry with its patented sodium microparticle, that delivers the full-flavour experience of salt with roughly half the sodium. MicroSalt® is all-natural, non-GMO, and Kosher.

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