What Is Clubhouse In-room Gaming Feature?


Clubhouse in-room gaming feature is making its way on both iOS and Android devices. The app is rolling-out a game called “Wild Cards,” which contains a series of questions that are meant to spark conversations and aid people in getting to know one another better. You may be asked to provide your finest movie or television series idea in 60 seconds. Alternatively, you could try to find a film that everyone likes in three minutes or fewer. Other questions may request you to discuss the last five items in your internet search history or describe whichever dog would resemble you.  Or maybe you have two minutes with the leader of your country, what would you tell them?

What is Clubhouse in-room gaming feature?
What is Clubhouse in-room gaming feature?

How to use Clubhouse in-room gaming feature?

Tap the “+Rooms” button and then pick “Games.” You’ll be dropped into a social area where you can invite your friends to play. Once everyone has joined the room, click “Start Game” to begin playing.

When people were confined to their homes during the pandemic, voice chat became more popular since it allowed people to interact with others around the world. However, as restrictions have been removed in most areas of the world and in-person events have resumed, Clubhouse may be seeking to retain users by adding new features that other social audio services like Twitter Spaces do not have.

Clubhouse’s voice rooms now include text chat functionality, much like what one might find on YouTube or Twitch. In-room chat is an option that may be turned off by anyone who starts a conversation in Clubhouse. The new option could allow people who are shy about speaking to participate in audio sessions without having to say anything aloud. Dark Mode is also in the pack of treats for the nocturnal creatures among you. The app recently got direct messaging feature, if sliding into DMs is your forté.

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The game is right now only accessible in English. Verdammt!

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