What Is The Division 2 Proficiency Rank?


Today we are going to explain The Division 2 proficiency rank system. The Division 2’s last major content update, Title Update 12, debuted in December 2020. However, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment decided to change their minds, and a new update has been scheduled for February 2022. On Wednesday evening, the largest element of the upgrade was revealed as the Expertise system. The Expertises will be a system of progression that may keep players occupied for an extended period of time in The Division 2.

Expertise is a system with several distinct aims. Expertise’s primary objective is to help players improve their Weapons, Gear, and Skills by providing permanent upgrades. Second, it’s designed to encourage diversification of one’s arsenal by establishing Proficiency levels for all items. Third, it’s clearly intended to provide The Division 2 gamers a long-term option for progression that few will finish. It’s a one-way track toward end-of-life progress for players who want to stick with The Division 2 even after the content dries up.

Today we are going to explain The Division 2 proficiency rank system.
What is The Division 2 proficiency rank?

Within the Expertise (The Division 2 proficiency rank) system, there are two separate key systems in use. The first is Expertise, which is a new level associated with the player. Each time a player gains an Expertise level, they may improve the base stat of an item such as a weapon’s damage, gear’s armor value, and skills’ base damage/healing/status effect duration. Players gain Proficiency by accomplishing tasks, and this is the second aspect of Expertize.

What is the Division 2 proficiency rank?

The Division and The Division 2 feature a gameplay mechanic known as Field Proficiency. When a player reaches level 30 on their character, XP is applied to their account and credited towards the completion of a Field Proficiency cache. These caches contain two random items and may be Gear Sets, High-End products, or Exotic items, but the scores of these goods are dependent on the players World Tier (i.e. World Tier 1 gives 163 GS, Tier 2 183 GS, and so on).

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There are other proficiency ranks in addition to the Field Proficiency cache. These Ranks are connected to two of the three DLC game modes, Underground and PvP (Last Stand and Skirmish).

Today we are going to explain The Division 2 proficiency rank system.
What is The Division 2 proficiency rank?

After reaching Rank 40, Underground Proficiency may be achieved. These caches have two objects in them, which might be Gear Sets (possibly classified gear), High-End weapons or gear. And sometimes Exotic gear or weapons can be granted. It also includes 1 Directive Intel.

After rank 99 in both the Skirmish and Last Stand game modes, you may gain PvP Proficiency (originally Last Stand Rank). These skill caches are identical to those earned through PvP.

The Division 2 proficiency rank is back. Every level after 30 yields a cache, which typically contains 1 High-End Armor item and 1 High-End Weapon, as well as 14-23 cypher key fragments.

The Division 2 features weapon proficiency, which is related to weapons, brands, gearsets, named items, exotics, skillsets, and speciality weapons. Each of these will have proficiency levels linked to it up to a maximum of 10 levels depending on quality and type. Players may earn ranks by earning kill XP, giving corresponding goods or materials in return. Each rank acquired contributes to a player’s Expertise level. However, once an item’s basic stat has been boosted past its Progression max rank.

Today we are going to explain The Division 2 proficiency rank system.
What is The Division 2 proficiency rank?

It’s a simple progression system that aims to be easy to understand. The Division 2 players collect items and improve their proficiency in them, which leads to expertise levels for their agent. Base statistic improvements are unlocked at Expertise Levels 1-3, with additional Expertises allowing for greater upgrades.

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The Division 2 proficiency rank system will not be introduced in a specific release date, as it will most likely be included in the game’s February 2022 update. One more notable aspect revealed by Massive regarding the Expertise system is that it mentions “additional content to the game” in the future, implying that the possible Expertises cap might be increased. Perhaps next February’s update isn’t the last The Division 2 add-on, either.

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