What Is TikTok Effect House And How To Use It?


TikTok Effect House is for everyone now. After releasing a closed beta test last fall, TikTok is opening the effects tool to all creators and developers.

What is TikTok Effect House and how to use it?

The Effects House platform, which allows creators to develop their own AR camera effects that may be used by other TikTok users in videos, was launched last week. The company announced the effects platform would be accessible “to all creators, designers, and developers from around the world,” and tools and learning resources.

What is TikTok Effect House and how to use it?
What is TikTok Effect House and how to use it?

“Whether you’re teleporting into new worlds with Green Screen or freeze-framing with Time Warp Scan, creative effects empower creators to express themselves, entertain, and share stories through a wide array of engaging and immersive formats.”


TikTok maintains that submitted effects will be subject to specific requirements to be authorized for use. The firm bans explicitly “enables negative stereotypes against protected categories or promotes colorism,” as well as “suggestive lip fillers, cosmetic surgery, or the examination of someone’s appearance.”

TikTok Green Screen feature is a trend now

Green Screen is a common sight in popular TikTok content, and effects are frequently used as part of a trend. According to TikTok, more than 1.5 billion videos using effects have been viewed over 600 billion times worldwide.

TikTok is following in the footsteps of other platforms that have done so in the past. Snapchat and Instagram recently released similar AR creation tools, with some effects taking hold and showing up on celebrity and influencer accounts. Designer Johanna Jaskowska’s Beauty3000 Instagram filter is credited with starting a fad for glossy, futuristic face alterations on the site.

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