Why Facebook blocked your Url and Solution

Why Facebook blocked your Url and Solution

See Why Your Site Url Got Blocked By Facebook And Solution

Technology is advancing everyday, as you grow older, so does Technology.

There was a time when Facebook was trying to advance though with the little technology then, Facebook was one of the best social media till date.

Why My Url Was Blocked By Facebook

Many of us do not know nowadays Facebook is following policy… You know, policy, like terms, rules the way things should be done. And it’s a must for you to follow those rules to avoid being penalized.

The issue of Facebook blocking or banning URLs is now rampant today.

As a website owner before you start publishing on Facebook, there are things you need to know.

Facebook promotion is not all about posting your links without knowing the rules guiding it.

If you notice your URL was banned/has been banned from posting to Facebook, here are possible cause;

Someone Reported Your Link Multiple Time

This is liable to happen when you have an enemy (permit me to say) or may be you’re disturbing a group with your links and the best they could do is to report your link.

Facebook doesn’t know whether you’re violating rules or not, they will just act on what was sent to them.

Be aware of this, once your URL has been flagged as inappropriate, it’s not easy to recover it.

Your Site Contains Malicious Content/Files

Facebook has an autodect tool for debugging if your site contain malwares/bad codes.

It’s likely you notice sometimes you url gets blocked and reopened without writing letter for reopening your url.

It’s likely Facebook detected that your site contains malwares which could be harmful to Facebook itself.

May be your site is misleading… 

Your website link is not yet verified by facebook

Another most common reason why facebook blocked your url is because your url hasnt been verified by facebook or your url isnt known to facebook at all. Some people just go into blogging and start sharing their link t facebook to get traffic. This is absolutely wrong, you need to verify your url first before spamming facebook with your links. Verified Url are free to spam facebook because they are verified already and hav no malicious intentions in it. When your url is verified by facebook you can them be free from banning or url been bloked by facebook. To get your Url verified by Facebook yo can contact me on whatsapp for that not free thou. 08116281721 or https://wa.me/2348116281721.


Check your website’s link on Virus Total or any other Link Checking site (for malwares)

Or better still, if you’re using WordPress for your site, install wordfence plugin to detect any malicious codes or links from your site.

Then follow the next line.

You’re Flooding Facebook With Your Links

This is very important, sometimes you don’t know the consequence of flooding Facebook with your links.

Flooding, when you keep publishing your url without pause for 1 seconds, if Facebook detects such behavior, your url may be blocked.

Many times, you have to publish your links one after the other by waiting 1 – 2 minutes intervals.

Permalink Structure

Some people don’t understand the implication of using Permalink that are not well structured.

Most times using Permalink having dates in between are not advisable.

What it reads out to Facebook, is that they site having that link is inappropriate to be on Facebook. Even it’s not advisable in terms of SEO.

If you notice 80% of websites use %post-name% Permalink structure.

While the other 20% use %date-post-name% structure.

Sometimes it is advisable not to use the latter while the first one is highly recommended.

For sites that is already live, it’s not gonna be easy to change from the date Permalink due to the SEO, it will return 404 error.

Which is why it is always good to take note of everything before making your site live.

Solution To Facebook Friendly Url Structure

Navigate to Settings Your Wp-admin Dashboard

On the Settings Click on Permalink

Follow the settings above… Goodluck