Zoom Unveils New Features Including Live Translations At Zoomtopia Conference

Zoom, one of the largest Video conferencing platform has steadily come up with arrangements, improvements and new features to enhance the growth of the platform and to help users connect with Team members, colleagues, staffs and customers.


At Zoomtopia Conference this year 2021, the company unveil a lot of new features and services, among which we have the Automatic live translation, this standard feature makes communication easier and meaningful. As a result of this, the company plan to expand the reach of zoom’s Automatic translation to 30 languages. It was also said that more languages (atleast 12) will be added in the next year.

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The company also made mention of another tangible feature that will be added to the platform before the runs down. This feature is the Zoom Whiteboard that enables wide range collaboration and connection across the globe among users, with more effective meeting experience. The company also announce their collaboration with Oculus Horizons Workrooms, which will provide the ability to make good use of the whiteboard in a virtual reality way and also, you can pin a Zoom Whiteboard to your virtual desk or to the wall for everyone to see, and draw along with colleagues attending a meeting through a traditional computer.


Other features coming to Zoom App Include; 

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Below we have the listed coming features and their functions on the Zoom platform this month. All these new added features, services and will definitely make a great improvement to the Zoom app.


The “Waiting Room two-way chat” Feature:  This particular feature enables the meeting host to update the meeting participants at once with messaging capabilities in the Waiting Room.


The “Next slide, please” Feature: This feature is a controllable and remote setting on the platform. More than one  users can control the slides on a zoom call at once by making use of the Next slide, please feature.


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The “Backstage” Feature: Here, the company is adding the green room to the virtual area with the newly unveiled Backstage feature. This feature gives speakers, panelists, and production support a centralized space where Users or attendee’s questions and answers can responded to by them and also have short fun before going live or hosting a meeting.


The “Cloud Storage Integrations with Office Suite” feature: Zoom also plans to release native integrations with more cloud-storage tools, including SharePoint and Box, later this year, so users can easily share and collaborate on documents from the Zoom client without hopping between applications.

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